Southeast Region Manager

As Southeast Region Manager, Mark Dennison provides technical product and sales support to zoos, aquariums, veterinarians as well as private exotic animal owners and the PMI retail sales team and PMI feed dealers. His territory covers the southeast United States.


Mark obtained his bachelor of science degree in animal science at North Carolina State University. Mark’s animal care experience started with volunteering at Zoo Atlanta, working at multiple veterinarian clinics and the reptile laboratory at NCSU. He has been part of the Land O’Lakes team since 2011. His first role was in the Dairy Foods Research & Development division, where he formulated new dairy-based products and developed new technologies that enabled innovation. As a part of the Mazuri team, Mark travels to trade shows, conferences, zoos, and collaborates with other exotic animal care specialists on the most nutritional and complete diets that support full and healthy animals.


“Mazuri’s devotion to being more than just a quality feed provider is what makes me most proud to work with this team. The dedication to partnerships with customers, providing technical and nutritional support, supporting research projects with zoos and universities, and ultimately expanding the body of knowledge of exotic animal care is what inspires me daily.”


“Meeting nutritional needs of your exotic animal is more than just keeping them fed. For example, your belly full of candy would have a drastically different outcome than if filled with a balanced diet.”