Colorful Companions® Millet Sprays is a natural millet spray, provided as an easy-to-feed small bird treat that can be used as enrichment for small bird species from fledging to adulthood. This small bird treat is intended to be fed alongside a nutritionally complete blend of seeds and/or pellets formulated for the particular bird species to be fed.

  • Designed to provide enrichment for all types of psittacine species.
Product Form:  Seeds on stalks.  

Product Size: 25 lb. net weight paper sack

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Every exotic animal deserves the right nutrition

Crude protein not less than
Crude fat not less than
Crude fiber not more than
Moisture not more than
Ash not more than

Millet seeds on stalk.

  • COLORFUL COMPANIONS® Millet Spray is designed as an enrichment food and must be fed in combination with a nutritionally complete seed/pellet blend formulated for the particular bird species to be fed to provide the needed vitamins and minerals not found in Millet Sprays.
    • Monitor bird to ensure seed/pellet foods are being consumed.
    • Replace spend stalks as desired.
  • Always provide animal with plenty of fresh, clean water.

Storage Conditions

COLORFUL COMPANIONS® Millet Spray has a 1 year shelf life when stored in a dry environment.  For best results store contents of open bag in container with sealing lid.  Store in a cool (75ºF or colder), dry (approximately 50% RH) location.  

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