Better Bugs Mean More Complete Diets

Few things are more rewarding than soaking in the natural beauty of exotic animals. From brightly colored feathers to vibrant scales and skin, exotic animals offer an element of beauty that enriches the lives of animal owners and observers.

But keeping these animals looking and feeling their best is no accident; it takes careful attention to nutrition – attention not just to the food they eat, but also what goes into that food.

supplementing insectivore diets for better gut nutrition

To achieve optimal nutrition for insect-eating animals, the insects offered to them must also be well-fed and nutritious. Mazuri® Better Bug® Gut Loading Diet provides not only what insects need, but also what will then make insectivores thrive. The diet is high in calcium, beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids to help supplement diets of insect-eating animals.

It’s different than what you usually think of for animal feed. Almost like a prequel, Mazuri® makes the food that is fed to bugs that then become food.

Everybody wants animals in their care to get the best nutrition they can get, when they eat bugs, that can be a challenge. At Mazuri®, we’ve found a way to put the highest value we can into even the smallest of creatures. Mazuri® Better Bug® Gut Loading Diet is about feeding better bugs to your fish, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Each animal’s health ultimately depends on its diet. Whether you’re buying bugs at the pet store, a commercial supplier, or raising your own, Mazuri wants it to offer the most nutrition possible to your insectivore.

Mazuri® Better Bug® Gut Loading Diet is most often fed to crickets, mealworms, earthworms and cockroaches – all insects that make their way into the diet of birds, bearded dragons, sugar gliders, frogs, skinks, hedgehogs, fish and many other small animals and reptiles.

Mazuri® Better Bug® Gut Loading Diet is designed to literally load the gut of the insect that eats it with calcium, vitamins and other nutrients, so your animals are getting large amounts of those nutrients with no other supplementation needed.

To ensure your insect-eating animals receive a bug with a gut full of nutrition, Mazuri® Better Bug® Gut Loading Diet should be fed to bugs for 24 to 72 hours before consumption.

Benefits of Mazuri® Better Bug® Gut Loading Diet include:

  • Beta-carotene for lush colors

  • Added calcium to help level the calcium-to-phosphorous ratio

  • Omega-3 fatty acid sources to help enrich insect-eating animal diets