Driven by a Passion for the Entire Animal Kingdom

Our name, Mazuri, means 'good' in Swahili and it's our mission to ensure that every type of animal — from the smallest pocket mouse to the largest bull elephant — can get the nutrition they need to live life to the fullest.

Committed to Nutrition

Mazuri started in 1989, when Zoo professionals came to us, a group of exotic animal fanatics and animal nutrition experts, looking for more complete, balanced nutrition for the wide variety of animals in their care. We were excited to take on the challenge back then and today our high-quality exotic pet nutrition solutions and Mazuri products are a critical component in the diet and for the well-being of millions of animals in more than 1,600 zoos and countless homes around the world.

Supporting Exotic Animals Everywhere

We actively support the animal kingdom and all the animals in it, whether in your home, in zoos or in the wild. With a commitment to conservation, we are involved in many species survival programs spanning the globe, and we conduct regular research projects in collaboration with universities, zoos and other organizations to maintain a cutting-edge perspective on animal nutrition and ensure that every species on earth can be fed the high-quality nutrition they need.

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Partnering With Zoos

Mazuri collaborates with exotic animal professionals at zoos, universities and breeding facilities in the US and around the world to develop, research, test and perfect new and unique nutritional solutions for diverse, exotic animal populations. Our professional affiliations include:

  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  • American Association of Zoo Veterinarians
  • American Association of Zoo Keepers
  • Animals Asia Foundation
  • Species 360
  • Zoological Association of America

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Our zoo-professional-grade nutrition solutions are now available to out-of-the-ordinary animals anytime, anywhere. So whether you’re feeding a hissing cockroach, bearded dragon or your backyard llama, when you feed Mazuri, you’re providing the same high-quality, consistent nutrition zoos count on to feed their animals every single day.

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Get to know the experts who understand the unique nutritional needs and behaviors of your exotic animals.

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