Dr. Troy Tollefson conducts research and formulates diets for a variety of animals of all species and sizes — from guinea pigs to giraffes.


Troy has a master's degree and a Ph.D. from Washington State University, where he conducted nutritional research on captive and wild brown bears and mule deer, and participated in a large research project that led to the development of Mazuri® Wild Herbivore Diet. He also has conducted milk studies for white rhinoceros and manatees, and reformulated and refined diets to solve nutritional problems like copper deficiency in blesbok antelope. Before working with Mazuri, Troy worked at SeaWorld/Busch Gardens where he was responsible for the nutrition of more than 350 species and more than 2,000 animals.


“I joined the Mazuri team for three simple reasons. First, I believe in the products. Second, Mazuri is the best provider of animal nutrition in the world! Third, our dedication to research and improving nutrition for exotic animals is number one.

While I have strong interests in a variety of exotic animals, I would have to say that my favorite is the brown bear. During my time at WSU, I had the opportunity to work with over a dozen wonderful brown bears in a variety of research projects at WSU, but also out in the Alaskan Wilderness!”


“I find that many owners feed their animals based on past experience. However, our knowledge of exotic animals is changing every day, so I urge people to do the research necessary to make sure they find the best nutritionally balanced diet for their animal.”