International Feed Manager

As a Mazuri International Feed Manager, Fumiko provides technical and sales support to zoos, aquariums, veterinarians, private exotic animal owners and feed dealers. Her territory covers Asia.


Fumiko obtained a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Kitasato in Japan. Her studies included a year dedicated entirely to animal nutrition.


“I have always had a love for animals. Since the age of four when I witnessed my dog giving a birth, I have been determined to do something for animals. I do believe one of the biggest strengths that Mazuri has is that we do not only sell products, but we are also able to provide research-based information to show why those products are good for animals. There is not as much research done about exotic animal nutrition as other animals like companion animals and production animals, and Asian countries are not as geographically convenient for extensive animal research. My goal is to work as a bridge between the Mazuri team and zoos, aquariums and animal nutrition specialists in Asia to create a partnership and not just a manufacturer-customer relationship. This helps our customers pursue nutritionally what animals really need, and to help them make a decision that is best for the animals.”


“Take some time to research what your animals really need to eat. You might be surprised to know the food they seem always happy to eat, might actually impair their health and quality of life!”