Associate Nutritionist


Jasmyn Mimiko provides technical product and sales support to zoos, aquariums, veterinarians, private exotic animal owners, the Purina retail sales team, and Purina feed dealers. Her territory covers the western United States.


Jasmyn obtained her BS in Animal Sciences from Cornell University along with a Master’s in Animal Nutrition from the University of Kentucky. She always knew she wanted to work in zoos, but she originally wanted to be a veterinarian. After an internship at National Zoo, she realized she preferred the world of nutrition. Since then, she has history working in nutrition at San Diego Zoo and Denver Zoo and now works at Mazuri to help others provide the best possible nutrition to their animals.


“As someone with a research and zoo background, I really appreciate Mazuri’s dedication to research-based nutrition, the highest levels of quality control, and top-notch customer service. I feel privileged to work with such a knowledgeable and passionate team dedicated to providing the highest quality nutrition for your animals.”


“Many animals require stimulation to keep them mentally engaged and active. Try providing their food in fun and new ways to keep them enriched.”