Northeast Region & National Accounts Manager

As Northeast Region & National Accounts Manager, Lauren Soto provides technical product and sales support to zoos, aquariums, veterinarians and private exotic animal owners as well as national pet retail accounts, the PMI retail sales team and PMI feed dealers. Her territory covers the northeast United States and national accounts with headquarters across the country.


Lauren obtained her bachelor’s degree in marketing and animal science from the University of New Hampshire, and holds a master’s degree in advertising from Boston University. She began her career as a sales representative for one of the largest farm, home and pet product distributors on the East Coast. She then managed the New England territory for the largest manufacturer of training and behavior products for pets in the United States. She has a passion for animal training and behavior. She spends her free time handling exotic ambassador animals on television and live shows for educational purposes, as well as driving a horse carriage in downtown Boston.


“I am privileged to work with such a devoted team at Mazuri, who are committed to providing the highest quality product for some of the most amazing and even rarest species on this planet. By working with some of the greatest veterinarians, nutritionists and keepers, we are able to work towards continuous improvement of our products to make sure these animals are at their best.”


“Keep in mind that an exotic pet is not like owning a dog or cat. Their nutritional needs and day-to-day care are highly specialized. Be sure that you have the time, means and capacity to feed and care for your pet before you purchase or adopt.”