Mazuri Product Warranty Statement

The stability of nutrients in Mazuri® products is dependent on proper storage conditions. We recommend storing product in a cool (75°F/24°C or cooler), dry (< 50% relative humidity) place. Storage at higher temperatures and humidity levels will reduce nutrient concentrations and will affect our product warranty.

Mazuri® diets (e.g., primate, guinea pig, fish diets), include a form of vitamin C that is stable for over 1 year at appropriate storage conditions.

Location of Manufacture Date Product Type Shelf-Life (1 year) Lot Code Example Manufacturing Date
Printed on ends or seams of bag Mazuri Bagged Products

365 days from date of manufacture


Nov 04, 2014; 2nd shift 
April 15, 2016; 1st shift
May 03, 2021; 1st shift
June 12, 2021; 1st shift*
Printed on label Mazuri Gel, Meal, and Tablet products 365 days from date of manufacture 20NOV21RTD1 November 21, 2020; 1st shift
Location of Best by Date Product Type Shelf-Life (1 year) Best By Date Example
Printed or stickered on bag back Mazuri Small Pack Bags "Best if used by" date 09/04/2020
All three dates are September 4, 2020

 *In 2021, Julian date coding will be utilized at many plants.  Click here for additional details on Julian date coding.

 Updated 13OCT2021