New Packaging for Mazuri® Softbill Diet

The Mazuri® Softbill Diet—a complete softbill bird food designed for adult iron-sensitive birds like toucans, aracaris, turacos, starlings, birds of paradise, mynahs and other softbills—is now available in newly redesigned 2-pound and 15-pound bags.
The Mazuri Softbill Diet has not changed, but its packaging is now much more colorful and easier for bird owners to recognize. Additionally, Mazuri has updated the packaging to make this product more environmentally friendly.  Whether you purchase Mazuri bird food at your favorite in-store retailer or online, you can now look for the familiar purple and white Mazuri bags.
This nutritionally complete diet is for adult fruit-eating birds and contains plums, apples and natural pineapple flavoring for a delicious fruit taste. In fact, it’s formulated to allow bird owners to add fruit or other food items to their pet’s daily diet. Each batch is carefully analyzed to ensure appropriate iron levels.

Feeding Tips for Softbill Birds
Including toucans, aracaris, turacos, starlings, birds of paradise and mynahs

What to Feed Your Softbill Bird Life Stage Considerations Storage Tips
  • Mazuri Softbill Diet should make up at least 70% of your bird’s daily food.
  • Soft vegetables and fruits, like papaya, apples, grapes and melons, can make up the remaining 30%.
  • Mazuri Softbill Diet is designed for birds after their first molt.
  • It is not for growing chicks.
  • Female birds that are heavy layers (more than 20 eggs/season) should be given a calcium supplement during the laying season.
  • Once opened, store Mazuri bird food in a container with a sealing lid.
  • Store food in a cool (75 degrees or colder), dry (approximately 50% room humidity) location.
  • Freezing will not harm Mazuri bird food and may extend freshness.
  • Follow directions on the bag to ensure optimal feeding experience.

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For more information about the Mazuri Softbill Diet or nutritional support for your bird, send a question to our Ask the Expert page.