Prior Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition Research Grant Awardees


Captivity impacts on the physiology and health of giant anteaters: A nutritional approach. F. Mara, A. Melchert, E. Dierenfeld, and C. Assis. São Paulo State University.


Assessing vitamin D status in Zoo-housed great apes. R. Jarvis, S. Moittié, M. Liptovszky, and K. Baiker. University of Nottingham


Vitamin D metabolism and calcium homeostasis in the Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni). S. Childs-Sanford, J. Higgins, and A. Makowski, Cornell University.


Comparison of the nutrient composition of the diet consumed by Asian small-clawed otters in the wild and in animal collections. R. Hill, C. Roe, and K. Scott, University of Florida.


Comparison of Fatty Acid Profiles of Free-ranging and Captively Managed White Rhinoceros. K. Ange-van Heugten, J. Wood, and L. Minter. North Carolina State University, North Carolina Zoo.


Role of diet composition in fatty liver syndrome in sea otters. D. Rosen, University of British Columbia.


Characterizing the microbiome of red-eared slider turtles. I. Lamkin and M. Allender, University of Illinois.