Western US & European Manager


Rachel Niemackl-Matthias provides technical product and sales support to zoos, aquariums, veterinarians, private exotic animal owners, the Purina retail sales team, and Purina feed dealers. Her territory covers the Western United States, Hawaii, Alaska and Europe.


Rachel obtained her bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University in biology. Her previous animal care experience includes zoo keeping, undergraduate research assistant in fish ecology, and working at KSU Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. After college, she interned at Walt Disney World where she was then hired onto the Animal Nutrition Center team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There she assisted in diet preparation for Disney’s entire collection of animals. Her passion and experience support MAZURI®’s passion for animals that make us who we are.


“Proper nutrition is one of the best and simplest ways of preventative medicine for all animals. It is also one of the most cost effective. Start early in life with proper nutrition by feeding a complete and nutritionally balanced diet for proper development and avoid the potential of costly health bills in the future. After working for years hands on with MAZURI® products, I’m thrilled to be working with this team that believes in the nutritional health of animals. The products go through research and nutritional analysis to really cater to the needs of animals. And it shows in the longevity and the wellbeing of animals on MAZURI® products.”


“Really understand and investigate what it takes to care for the exotic animal you’re wanting to own, especially on the nutrition and feeding side. Animals vary in the way they digest food and they can be on an intricate feeding schedule and with specific nutritional needs. Take the time and understand what it takes to own and care for that exotic animal.”