Reformulated Diets for Today’s Alpaca

The U.S. alpaca industry is advancing­—moving toward larger animals with greater fiber production—so Mazuri is helping meet those demands with updated alpaca formulas.

Mazuri feeds are now better formulated to meet the evolving needs of alpacas raised for show, fiber production or companionship. Mazuri worked with U.S. alpaca farms to research animal needs and make formula adjustments to improve specific nutrient levels in its alpaca feeds.
Choose the Right Mazuri Feed for Your Alpacas

Alpaca lifestyle/life stage Feed options Mazuri’s top recommendation
Adult alpacas who are non-fiber producing Mazuri® Alpaca Care feed or Mazuri® Alpaca & Llama Maintenance feed Mazuri® Alpaca Care feed
Fiber production and show alpacas Mazuri® Alpaca Performance feed or Mazuri® Alpaca Complete Life feed
Mazuri® Alpaca Performance feed
Breeding, gestating and lactating alpacas, and crias Mazuri® Alpaca Complete Life feed, Mazuri® Alpaca Care feed or Mazuri® Alpaca Performance feed Mazuri® Alpaca Complete Life
Alpacas who need to gain weight/have higher energy needs Mazuri® Alpaca Complete Life Mazuri® Alpaca Complete Life
Senior alpacas Mazuri® Alpaca Complete Life or Mazuri® Alpaca Care feed Mazuri® Alpaca Complete Life

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