Central US & Canada Accounts Manager

As Region & International Accounts Manager, Ryan Schroer provides technical product and sales support to zoos, aquariums, veterinarians and private exotic animal owners as well as national pet retail accounts, the PMI retail sales team and PMI feed dealers. His territory covers the central United States and Canada.


Growing up on a cattle farm in west-central Indiana, Ryan fostered a passion for domestic animals and wildlife at a young age. This desire to work with animals continued on to his college career at Purdue University where he earned a Bachelors in Animal Science and a Masters in Ruminant Nutrition. His professional career has been a variety of experiences in the animal nutrition and pharmaceutical space. When presented with the opportunity to join Mazuri, Ryan knew that the long-term partnerships with top university and zoological institutions meant Mazuri was on the forefront of innovation and information in the exotic animal nutrition field.


“The understanding of proper animal nutrition for exotic species advances daily, adding a nutrition expert as a partner in your animal wellness team helps keep your animals as healthy and thriving as possible in managed care.”