Associate Nutritionist



Sarah McCusker has bachelor's and master's degrees from Washington State University with emphasis on wildlife and wildlife nutrition.  Her research at WSU explored the impacts of varying levels of starch on browsing ruminant growth and development using juvenile mule deer as model browsers.  Sarah has a diverse history of animal work, including species such as grizzly bears, raptors, maned wolves, clouded leopards, red pandas and more.  She has also served in a variety of positions, from animal keeper at the Smithsonian National Zoo's Conservation Biology Institute to research associate in charge of an endangered species breeding program to animal nutritionist at a milk replacer company.


"I have been fortunate to grow up during a time in which zoo and animal facilities have undergone tremendous evolution.  From enclosure modification to nutritional profiling to psychological enrichment, the dedication of animal care professionals in the quest to optimize the animal's environment is inspirational.  Our team at Mazuri is continually evaluating these unique and evolving requirements essential in caring for exotic animals.  Our continued quest for knowledge and process improvement have led to Mazuri becoming a major trailblazer in the progression of exotic animal nutrition."


"Be realistic with your expectations.  Junk in equals junk out."