Mazuri® Insectivore Diet: A Diet Actually Made for Insectivores

Creating the ‘ideal insect’

Giant anteaters, Sudan plated lizards and pileated woodpeckers may seem like they have nothing in common, but they all share a common bond as members of a diverse group of animals called insectivores. Insectivores, those that thrive on insects in their natural habitat are found on every continent except Antarctica. Given the diversity of this animal group, developing balanced diets can be a challenge for zoo keepers and animal owners alike.

When Mazuri® nutritionists and entomologists began researching and formulating a diet to help meet the unique needs of insect-eating animals, Mazuri® Insectivore Diet was the result; by reverse engineering the food insectivores eat – the insects themselves. Through this process, Mazuri® created, nutritionally speaking, the “ideal insect” in pelleted form. This research developed a high protein, moderately high fiber and moderately low-fat diet, perfect for insect-eating animals.

Insectivores go mainstream

Despite insectivores’ growing popularity as pets, owners of even the most common insect-eating animals such as hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and bearded dragons still face considerable challenges when trying to feed them properly. One critical issue is replicating the diversity in an insectivore’s natural diet.

Mazuri® Insectivore Diet is based on a nutritional average of dozens of studied insects. Because of this research, this feed fulfills the insect nutritional requirements of nearly all insectivores.

While designed to be nutritionally balanced, because of the biodiversity of insectivores, Mazuri® Insectivore Dietis not a complete feed. This diet is recommended as a base, with supplementation needed to fulfill the species-specific requirements. For instance, those feeding Mazuri® Insectivore Diet to sugar gliders should also supplement the diet with nectar or high moisture fruits. Species-specific “recipes” to help feed even the most unusual of insectivore are available with the help of Mazuri® experts.

A convenient approach to insect feeding

Keeping up with an insectivore’s steady demand for insects can be a challenge. Mazuri® Insectivore Diet helps solve this problem by reducing or avoiding the need to raise or purchase insects.

Offering insect items in your pet’s diet can be a stimulating addition to their meal routine. A complete diet that is high in protein and fiber, which simulates wild food items can help balance nutrients not found in the insect varieties available for purchase at most pet stores.

Buying all that is needed to feed your first hedgehog or bearded dragon doesn’t have to be intimidating. With the correct dry diet, you don’t have to rush into bringing home grubs, bugs or crickets.

For animals that do not prefer a dry pelleted diet, Mazuri® created a high moisture version called Mazuri® Insectivore Gel Diet. This diet can be prepared using a mold to create and to shape the feed like prey for the animal being fed. Tapping into an animal’s predatory instincts, Mazuri® Insectivore Gel Diet can appease even the pickiest of eaters.