Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition Research Grant - Closed

Award nominations are now closed!

Calling all Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, and Collaborators in Exotic Animal Nutrition!

Applications for annual research grants due May 31, 2024

PMI Nutrition International’s Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition is proud to support research in the discipline of exotic animal nutrition. Mazuri® is dedicated to advancing comparative animal nutrition research and enhancing the health and well-being of exotic species, both free-ranging and under human care. Grant proposals may be submitted for up to $10,000. One or more grants may be awarded, but the combined total will not exceed $10,000. Only direct research expenses (as determined by Mazuri®) will be supported by this Research Grant. Funding will be considered for basic or applied research projects in the area of non-domestic animal nutrition; a list of prior proposals awarded is available here.

Research Grant Application 

To apply for the Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition Research Grant, see the link at the bottom of this page. Only completed proposals will be evaluated.

Proposals will be reviewed and grants awarded based on:

  • Quality of the proposed research (40%)
  • Importance of the research (20%)
  • Likelihood that the research will be accomplished and disseminated (15%)
  • Required elements (25%)

Click here for proposal preparation instructions, plus advice and tips on writing a high-quality proposal for anonymized review.

For the project(s) awarded, all photos and summary of the projects may be used by PMI Nutrition International, LLC as provided in a signed release, a copy of which will be provided upon notification of award. Investigators awarded may also be contacted by Mazuri® team members for an informal interview about their work, for the sake of short articles appearing on our website to help inform future applicants.

Striving for equity in scientific funding

We recognize that access to funding can present a barrier to diversity and inclusion in the sciences. To improve fairness in the application process, our program incorporates the following:

  • Independent review panel
    • As throughout the history of the Mazuri® Research Grant, applications will be evaluated and funding recommendations made by an independent panel, comprised of experts from the international animal nutrition and physiology community that are not employed by Mazuri® or any Land O’Lakes subsidiary.
    • Independent reviewers are instructed to review and award based on scientific merit, research impact, and proposal completeness. See review criteria below.
    • Review panel members and their institutions are not eligible for grant funding during the funding year.
  • Anonymous proposal reviews
    • To reduce the effect of unconscious bias, grant proposals are presented anonymously to the review panel. Investigator and collaborator names and affiliations are removed from applications prior to forwarding for review. This includes any identifying information in the body of the proposal.
    • For best proposal flow, we recommend refraining from any mention of your institution, analytical laboratories, geographical location, or any other identifying information that would be redacted to maintain anonymity.
    • We recommend neutral language. For example, rather than using phrases such as “our previous research shows…”, citing the paper or proceedings in which the information appears.
    • Click here for advice and tips on writing a high-quality proposal for an anonymized review.
  • English-language assistance program available
    • To enhance equity for the international community of comparative animal nutritionists, we provide a language assistance program for applicants who are not native English speakers.
    • See program details and associated due dates below.

Language Assistance Program for the International Research Community:

Mazuri® provides high-quality nutrition for exotic animals around the world and encourages diverse perspectives from the international research community. We offer an optional peer advisor program to those who do not speak English as their first language and would like assistance with language, grammar, and flow in their proposals.


To request participation, please contact the grant program coordinators at Grants@Mazuri.comno later than Wednesday, May 1, 2024.
Final proposals must still be received by the application due date of May 31, 2024.

Program participants will be paired with a native English speaker who is a member of the comparative animal nutrition research community, to provide feedback on near-final proposalsPeer advisors will provide suggestions on language only, and will not make recommendations regarding the scientific design, quality, or merit of the research. Language-assistance advisors are not employees of Mazuri® or any Land O’Lakes subsidiary. Advisors are available in limited number and are randomly paired with grant applicants on a first-come-first-served basis

Final proposals must be received by May 31, 2024. Submit proposals by following this link.

Funding decisions will be communicated to the applicant(s) no later than September 30, 2024.